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Blood bags are used to collect, separate, store, and transport blood safely. Their rounded shape avoids blood coagulation and ensures that blood and anticoagulants are correctly combined during separation and transfusion.

Product’s Features

  • A built-in ultra-thin wall needle (16G or 17G) ensures the blood donor’s comfort.
  • Tear-off ports make it easier to connect to transfusion sets and prevent blood contamination and re-use.
  • The protective cap lowers the danger of needlesticks and contamination.
  • High-quality labels are reliable, abrasion-resistant, and simple to apply; handwritten information is easily seen.
  • The soft filter and the blood bag can be centrifuged together.
  • CPD and CPDA-1 preserve entire blood, while SAGM preserves erythrocytes for up to 42 days.
  • PVC with extremely thin walls for enhanced oxygen and carbon dioxide permeability.
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