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The horizontal fold-flat respirator FFP2 mask is personal protective equipment used to avoid the contagion of bacterial and viral pathological agents, as in the case of influenza or coronavirus. It also protects the wearer against powdery chemicals, and is useful in the glass industry, foundry work, construction, the pharmaceutical industry, or in agriculture. It is used to prevent the inhalation of particles from varnishes, lead-free paints, and metal surfaces, and for cleaning surfaces with fungi and resins. The mask has a layered structure and adapts perfectly to the conformation of the face. It is stabilized by two elastic strings, and has an exhalation valve that allows hot air to escape, thus preventing the formation of humidity and condensation.

Product’s Features

  • Filtering percentage minimum 94%
  • Maximum outward leakage rate 8%
  • Filter weave size of about 0.3 micron
  • Nasal clip to adapt the mask to the nose
  • Foldable FFP2 mask
  • Two white elastic strings for fixation
  • Composed of 35g pp 50g melt-blown 200g soft cotton
  • Single-use item
  • Product dimension (1st and 2nd type) 15x13cm
  • Product dimension (3rd type) 15x12cm

Product’s Applications

  • Airway protection against bacteria and viruses
  • Limitation of the contagion of airborne agents
  • Respiratory protection of all healthcare workers or persons exposed in particular activities, such as access to rooms in respiratory isolation, emergency personnel, consultations for potentially infectious patients, or work in companies and laboratories where mycobacteria are processed and analyzed.

Sizes and Packaging Data

Size Carton Size Quantity
15x12cm 70x29x33cm 5.5 kg 400 pcs/carton
15x13cm 70x29x42cm 7.5 kg 400 pcs/carton
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