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The Malecot catheter is a special type of urinary catheter that is used for urinary drainage in post nephrectomy patients and as a prophylactic catheter in male patients. It is made of latex, is self-retaining, and has a flower composed of four small wings at the tip, which keeps the catheter in place and prevents its accidental removal. The smooth tip and surface allow for an atraumatic and comfortable insertion for the patient. Once inserted by the physician, it remains in place for as long as needed for drainage. The opposite end of the catheter can be connected to various medical devices.

Product’s Features

  • Thin, flexible, and sterile tube
  • Tube and tip composed of natural latex
  • Smooth tip and surface to minimize tissue damage
  • Length 400mm
  • Single-use item
  • Sterile (EO-sterilized)
  • For adult use
  • Radiopaque line to allow distinction in RX
  • Available in different sizes (French units) from 12Fr to 34Fr
  • Available with a hydrophilic coating type

Product’s Applications

  • Provide percutaneous drainage following open renal or bladder surgeries like nephrostomy
  • Provide temporary drainage in patients with incontinence or kidney stone
  • Support for urinary stone expulsion due to stent function

Sizes and Packaging Data

Size Carton Size Quantity
12-34 FR 52x43x47.5cm 11 kg 500 pcs/carton
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