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In hospitals, health care centers, and clinics, this superior quality cotton is utilized for dressing reasons. Furthermore, this cotton is processed under the most advantageous conditions and using cutting-edge machinery in accordance with established quality standards. This Absorbent Cotton Wool is highly sought after in the industry due to its characteristics such as high strength, moisture and heat resistance, smooth texture, eco-friendliness, and good absorbing ability.

Product’s Features

  • Cotton that is 100 percent bleached and absorbent
  • Bleached using H2O2 (non chlorine bleached, free of any optical brightener)
  • Observance of European Pharmacopoeia Standards
  • In conformity with European REACH regulations
  • 20cm is the standard width.
  • 100 g, 250 g, 500 g, and 1000 g are the standard weights.
  • On-demand bioburden analysis
  • Used to absorb exudates, clean wounds on the periphery, and aid in the application of products to the skin.
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