Non-woven Adhesive Wound Dressing

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An adhesive wound dressing is a sterile pad applied to a wound to promote healing. It safeguards the injury from other harmful agents. The dressing is designed to be in contact with the wound and it’s composed of a little sheet of flexible material that is sticky on one side, with a smaller, non-adhesive absorbent pad attached to the sticky side. The pad is positioned against the wound, and the overlapping edges of the sticky material are flattened to adhere to the surrounding skin. Adhesive bandages are generally wrapped in a sealed, sterile bag with a backing that covers the sticky side. The backing is removed as the bandage is placed.

Product’s Features

  • Soft non-woven adhesive pad
  • Island shape with round corners
  • Breathable dressing
  • Excellent absorptive capacity
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive
  • Single-use item
  • Sterile
  • Available in 6x7cm dimension
  • Composed by non-woven fabric 50gsm, pressure-sensitive adhesive 35gsm, absorbent pad 150gsm, release paper 80gsm
  • Easily disposable

Product’s Applications

  • Application on acute and chronic wounds, lacerations, or abrasions to promote healing
  • Application on post-operative wounds or cuts to promote healing
  • Protection from infectious agents and mechanical damage
  • Absorption of exudates, blood, or other fluids by preventing tissue maceration
  • Pain relief and optimization of scarring
  • Securement of cannulas, catheter, or tubes
  • Reduction of psychological stress by removing the wound from the patient’s sight

Sizes and Packaging Data

Size Carton Size Quantity
5×7.2 cm 1pc/pouch bag 50pcs/box
6×8 cm 1pc/pouch bag 50pcs/box
10×10 cm 1pc/pouch bag 50pcs/box
10×12 cm 1pc/pouch bag 50pcs/box
10×15 cm 1pc/pouch bag 50pcs/box
10×20 cm 1pc/pouch bag 50pcs/box
10×25 cm 1pc/pouch bag 50pcs/box
10×30 cm 1pc/pouch bag 50pcs/box
10×35 cm 1pc/pouch bag 50pcs/box
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