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Sponge gauze is a cut of spunlance non-woven fabric gauze with special hydrophilic properties that make them absorb water, and therefore blood or other body fluids. When used in surgery, they are called surgical sponges. Composed of highly breathable material, they are used both in the cleaning of wounds and in the dressing of them. They do not adhere to wounds and do not release threads. Their removal is painless and, due to their great softness, they are used for the cleaning of delicate anatomical parts such as breasts and the intimate parts of children. They are a high-security, biocompatible disposable material that must be discarded after use.

Product’s Features

  • Non-toxic non-woven spunlance 30gsm/m2 gauze sponge
  • Soft, comfortable, and clean gauze
  • Available with or without blue x-ray detectable
  • Single-use item
  • Sterile
  • For adult and pediatric use
  • Available in different dimensions: 5x5cm-4p, 7.5×7.5cm-4p, 10x10cm-4p
  • Available in white
  • Easily disposable

Product’s Applications

  • Dressing of any type of injury on the body
  • Used for covering and cleaning wounds
  • Can also be used to grasp slippery organs or anatomical parts during surgery
  • Sometimes it is used for bandages

Sizes and Packaging Data

Size Carton Size Quantity
5x5cm-4p 62x34x47cm 7 kg 2000 bags/carton
7.5×7.5cm-4p 62x25x52cm 6.5 kg 1000 bags/carton
10x10cm-4p 67x30x62cm 10 kg 1000 bags/carton
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