Stomach Tube

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The Ryle’s-type gastroduodenal tube is a flexible PVC tube that is inserted through a nostril into the duodenum for feeding and suction purposes. The tube is placed by a doctor and is suitable for medium- or long-term use. The end of the probe that comes out of the nose has one pathway for inserting nutritional solutions and medications or for connection with suction systems. The opposite end has a rounded olive-type metal tip to facilitate the progression along the gastrointestinal tract with minimum tissue damage.

Product’s Features

  • Non-toxic and pyrogen-free nasogastric tube Ryle type made of PVC
  • Flexible and crush-resistant tube
  • Equipped with metal olive-type distal tip
  • Gradated with 3 identified notches at 130 mm intervals from the distal tip
  • Transparent tube surface with the possibility of checking the suction or the introduced liquids
  • Open, soft distal tip with four side holes
  • Usage up to 4 weeks
  • Length 125cm
  • Radiopaque line to ensure clear identification of the tube in x-rays
  • Single-use item
  • Sterile (EO-sterilized)
  • For adult use
  • Available in different sizes from 8Fr to 18Fr

Product’s Applications

  • Used for long-term enteral feeding
  • Used for passive aspiration of intestinal secretions

Sizes and Packaging Data

Size Carton Size Quantity
125cm 55x29x37cm 8 kg 500 pcs/ctn
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