Surgical Scrubs

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Pajamas, or surgical scrubs, are a sanitation garment consisting of a shirt and pants that are worn by surgeons, nurses, doctors, or other workers involved in patient care while working inside a hospital. They are made of non-woven fabric and are designed to be simple and easy to dispose of while covering the body and being comfortable to wear. They are quick and easy to put on, the fabric is made of water repellent material, and they protect healthcare workers from blood or patients’ fluids during surgery.

Product’s Features

  • Disposable V-neck shirt with two pockets
  • Disposable long pants with an elastic waistband
  • Lightweight tissue and comfortable to wear
  • Breathable, fluid resistant multi-layer material
  • Composed of non-woven SMS 30gsm
  • Single-use item
  • Non-sterile
  • Size M (shirt 78cmx65cm, trousers 60cmx118cm)
  • Available in blue
  • Easily disposable

Product’s Applications

  • Protection of the surgeon or healthcare worker during surgery in the operating room
  • Maintaining sterility of the environment during surgical or ambulatory procedures

Sizes and Packaging Data

Size Carton Size Quantity
S 48x29x36cm 100 sets/ctn
M 48x29x36cm 100 sets/ctn
L 48x29x36cm 100 sets/ctn
XL 48x29x36cm 100 sets/ctn
2XL 48x29x36cm 100 sets/ctn
3XL 48x29x36cm 100 sets/ctn
4XL 48x29x36cm 100 sets/ctn
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