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It’s used as a table cover in the operating room, with the operating tool, or equipment, placed on it. It’s soft to the touch and has good absorbency without leaking. Other than major absorbent part of surgical package, it does provide reliable performance, especially helps to reduce surgical site infections and cater to relevant standards in health care as a requisite part fit for various Surgical Drapes, Packs, and other general surgery devices & accessories.

Product’s Features

  • Soft material with good filtration and waterproof.
  • Widely used in operations.
  • Effectively absorbs, exudates and prevents bacteria from invading.
  • Very thin so it allows it to stick to surgical incisions and towels.
  • The material allows it to breath freely.

Sizes and Packaging Data

Size Carton Size Quantity
100x150cm 10pcs/PE bag 50 box/carton
150x200cm 10pcs/PE bag 50 box/carton
160x190cm 10pcs/PE bag 50 box/carton
150x240cm 10pcs/PE bag 50 box/carton
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