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Hypodermic syringe needles are sterile, single-use devices used for injecting medicinal substances hypodermically or for draining fluids. Hypodermic needles consist of a sharpened, apyrogenic stainless steel cannula, which allows painless penetration into the dermis and underlying layers. The needle is straight, hollow in length, and can be attached to a syringe either by simple interlocking (so-called Luer Slip graft) or by a screwing thread (Luer Lock). Needles vary in size and caliber, with the tip cut obliquely, in a flute beak shape, to achieve a sharp profile capable of piercing tissue with minimal trauma. The needles are usually covered with a plastic needle cover to prevent accidental puncture of the operator.

Product’s Features

  • Endorsed by the World Health Organization
  • Stainless steel atraumatic needle
  • Polypropylene needle protection cap
  • Single-use item
  • Sterile (EO-sterilized)
  • For adult and pediatric use
  • Available in different needle sizes: 18-20G, 21-27G, 28-30G
  • Easily disposable

Product’s Applications

  • Subcutaneous injections of drugs
  • Fluid drainage from an anatomical district or injections of drugs or fluids directly into a vein
  • Also used to clean some wounds

Sizes and Packaging Data

Size Carton Size Quantity
18-20G 44.6×23.5×40.5cm 9 kg 5000 pcs/carton
21-27G 44.6×23.5×40.5cm 9 kg 5000 pcs/carton
28-30G 44.6×23.5×40.5cm 9 kg 5000 pcs/carton
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