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A strip cap is a cap worn by any healthcare provider as part of their protective healthcare clothing. It prevents dust particles or micro-organisms on the operator’s hair or scalp from falling onto the sterile field or in the direction of the patient. The cap is made of non-woven fabric and offers an excellent fit on the operator’s head due to a single or double elastic band, which provides excellent cap stability. The cap ensures perspiration and does not irritate the operator’s scalp, even when worn for several hours a day. It is necessary to choose the correct size, and also to tie up the hair if it is too long, especially in the case of women.

Product’s Features

  • Composed of non-woven PP 9g/m?
  • Equipped with a single elastic or double elastic band
  • Comfortable
  • Non-sterile
  • Available in different sizes (18”, 19”, 20”, 22”)
  • Available in different colors (R/G/B/W)
  • Single-use item
  • Easily disposable

Product’s Applications

  • Protection of the work area from particles, hair, micro-organisms, or sweat
  • Contribution to the maintenance of sterile environments in the hospital and surgical field, research laboratories, and hospital rooms

Sizes and Packaging Data

Size Carton Size Quantity
18-24” 56x21x26cm 7 kg 2000 pcs/Carton
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